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    Avant Technology RAM?
    About 6 months ago, my Powerbook developed this awful vertical line going down the screen, it would not go away, no matter what. So I called up Apple, and they sent me a dispatch box and all that stuff, fast forward a few weeks. I get my powerbook back today,with a new lcd display installed, they tell me that it was caused by my RAM, I purchased this computer off of Ebay, with an extra 512 stick in it. Apple said the 3rd party ram caused internal overheating. It was Avant Technology RAM. I've never heard of this company, so im guessing it was just bad quality. I'm now looking on Have any of you heard of Avant Technology? if so, please spill the beans.

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    never heard of it, sounds like a k-mart brand of ram or something.:mac:
    no offense to k-mart.

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