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    Superdrive in an 12" ibook?
    Anyone know if this is a possible upgrade in the near future? I'd like to get an ibook, but the lack of superdrive is pushing me towards the more expensive powerbook that I don't really need

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    No, it probably won't happen. By making the more "professional" features of the PowerBook (better graphics, Bluetooth, SuperDrive, etc.) available on lower-end models like the iBook, Apple loses money on the higher-end sales - and they don't want to do that.

    I'd just bite the bullet and pay more for the PowerBook. That's what I did (except I didn't get the SuperDrive model) and I'm very satisfied.

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    i am having problems with the apple store right now, but i think that a superdrive is an option if you order online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fearlessfreap24
    i am having problems with the apple store right now, but i think that a superdrive is an option if you order online.
    Superdrive is only available on the high end 14" ibook. It's not available as an option on the other two models. I would get the lower end ibook and get an external DVD drive that is faster and has more capability than apples superdrive for alot less. You can get Apple software, IDVD, or whatever to use the external drive directly using patchburn. I've done it already and it's works fine. I have a 16x external and it burns a dvd5 in 3.5 minutes. Plus DL dvd9 at 2.4x and DVDRAM at 5x.


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    it will never happen as the above person is correct in saying it would put a damper on Powerbook sales. A manager at the Apple store concurred with that.

    Right now I'm doing a lot of movie editing on my iBook and granted it has a tiny HDD and no Super I still can edit my movies and burn them onto DVD with the help of my friend's PB. I put all the movie files on my iPod and bring the iPod to him to burn. Although I've been thinking of getting an external DVD burner I've decided no. Not yet at least. I just really wanted to do this one project so...

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    I also got the 12" iBook and an external burner.

    How often do you REALLY need to burn DVD's away from home? For me the 12" superdrive powerbook was just waaay to expensive and the extra features not really worth it.

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    ditto on the above, i ALMOST spent my tax refund on a new 12" PB but after re-evaluating my needs, i decided NO. I am now looking into an iMac G5 with super 17". Powerbooks are cool but i can't see justifying the cost. if i were rich then...

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    it is possible to get a superdrive installed in your ibook 12", just do a google search, I cant remember the name of the company that does it, it costs like either $250 or $350, so I dont know if you can justify that price, as that can almost get the 12" powerbook anyhoo.

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