I'm running a ~2 year old MBP (2.33, DuoCore, 15"), running both Windows and Mac OSX (engineering student, need PC for CAD). I use rEFIt instead of bootcamp for my bootstrap loader, which works fine.

My issue lies with running off battery power. Regardless of the OS (Mac, PC, Linux (Ubuntu by live CD), Knoppix), if I take my laptop off of power, after about 5 minutes, it crashes. Its not a dead battery, the batter will still indicate around 90-95% power upon reboot, and the battery meter on the battery shows 5 dots. The computer just crashes.

It will reboot, and run for another 3 minutes or so - about enough time to boot up your OS, recover lost work, and then......crash. Again.

My guess is some sort of build-up of static electricity in the chassis itself, which is normally grounded to the power cable, but, when running on battery, charges up to a critical level, and causes a system crash. Anyone have some other ideas of what could cause this, or any solutions to try before taking a screwdriver to my laptop?

Anything would be awesome!