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    Question powerbooks and VPC and games
    hey guys, this question might have been asked earlier if so sorry for asking again.

    i am a high school senior that will be attending college fall of '05. i was researching laptops and got drawn towards the Powerbook. i am thinking about either getting a 15.2" or 17" G4 with ATI Radeon 9700. but the prob is i am into games and i have a lot of games for pc that i would like to be able to play on my mac :mac:. one of my friends said he tried running his games thru Virtual PC (VPC) and they ran real slow. do u think that i could run then properly with the new pb's with ATI Radeon 9700 with the help of VPC ofcourse.

    thankyou in advance.

    have a great day.

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    No, don't plan on playing any games through VirtualPC. I tried to play Ultima online 2D on my system using Virtual PC, it was unplayable, the minumum requirements for that game is a 200mhz Pentium.

    There are Mac versions of a lot of the more popular games, some of the older PC games that you can find for cheap still sell for $50 for the mac version.

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