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    Using powerbook hard drive caddy for a macbook
    Hi, I'm very new to this forum, and I hope I'm able to get some help regarding my macbook.

    So I have a core duo macbook and I had to send in my hard drive to get replaced and so I no longer have my hard drive caddy. Now, I have an old powebook g4 at home that is pretty much dead. I'm wondering, would it be possible to take out the hard drive caddy of the powerbook and use it in the macbook? By caddy I mean the casing that surrounds the internal hard drive so you can install it and take it out of the machine. It would save me some money and time if I could do that. But if not, where is there a relatively cheap place to buy one? I've tried countless stores with little luck.

    Thanks a lot!

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    No. PowerBooks use IDE and MacBooks use SATA. Completely different interfaces which are not compatible.

    If you mean just the part that holds the hard drive in place, no, they aren't the same.

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