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    ibook LCD bulb broken?? send for repairs??
    Hey all,

    my ibook G4 1ghz has been a fantastic little machine for me for the 6 mos or so that I've owned it, and with the extra 512mb RAM and AE card I put in, has become quite the mobile workstation for me. I couldn't be happier with it. However.....

    ....last night the backlight bulb in the LCD randomly turned off for a few minutes. I could still barely make out what was on the screen, but the bulb had clearly gone off for whatever reason. I rebooted, and everything worked fine, but as LCD bulb replacement issues are typically VERY expensive (at least they are in the PC world), I'm concerned and wondering if this was just a fluke or whether I should take it my local Apple Store.

    Has anyone else had this experience?? Thanks in advance for any help

    PS: I just got my emate 300 off of ebay. Man is this little thing sweet, haha. Any suggestions how to make this useful??
    iBook G4 1ghz
    768mb DDR RAM
    30gb HD
    Airport Extreme
    OS X 10.3.7

    Desktop/Game System:
    Amd AthlonXP 2600 Barton @ 2.3ghz (11.5x200)
    Epox 8rda+ rev 1.1
    512mb PC3200 (@ 2.5-3-3-8)
    nVidia Geforce 6600GT @ 550mhz(gpu)/1.1ghz(vram)
    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI 64mb @ 200mhz(gpu's)/200mhz(vram)
    60gb HD Western Digital HD / 120gb Seagate HD
    16x External DVD-R/RW +/-
    530W PSU
    WinXP SP2

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    Hmm..Give Apple a call..By the way, your signiture is too long....

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    Sig is too long?? Why? Is there a limit or something? I wasn't trying to be too wordy. That's just the pro forma I've observed in other forums.

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    It wasnt too long. That was just AJW's opinion. You know how opinions are?? Theyre like elbows... most everybody has at least one.

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    actually...It's not opinion, it's the opinion of the forum moderators.

    You may have 4 lines of text in ADDITION to the image

    You may have as many links as you like, just adhere to the 4 lines rule


    Direct from the rules page..

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    Back to the original topic.

    I would say call Apple and tell them what happened, though if you do not have Applecare they might not be too helpful phone-wise (past 90 days). I don't think there would be too much they could really do though, unless you can get it to repeat the malfunction (?). It's like taking your car to a mechanic and telling them it made a strange noise yesterday but today it seems fine, can you please fix it.
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