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    Unhappy Can't lift keyboard back out.
    I lifted the keyboard out of my iBook G4. I followed the instructions in the manual and the keyboard easily lifted up and off. Then, I tried to put it back. I thought this would be simple enough; just do the reverse of what I did to lift it out: seated the track pad end in, rotated the far end of the keyboard down toward the machine, pulled the tabs in, pressed the keyboard all the way down until the tabs where below the top of the case, released the tabs. After I did that, I noticed the keyboard wasn't seated quite right; the left side was raised higher than the right side, particularly the escape key. So I tried to take it back out and it wouldn't budge. I pulled the tabs back until they were clear of the case, then I pulled the keyboard to lift it out like last time. But it wasn't budging and I was pulling the keyboard by itís tabs. So guess what happened? One of the tabs popped off! So now, the escape key and the left side are still raised up, the left tab and spring are separated from the machine and the keyboard still wont lift out. I made sure the securing screw in the middle was unlocked the whole time. No amount of wiggling/jostling/dancing seems to make much of a difference. I can't feel where I'm being held down because no part moves significantly compared to other areas. I'm stuck. What should I do?

    Thank you

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    Number one, you probably didn't have the airport card or its retaining clip installed correctly. Another possibility is that the cable on the left side was disturbed and not seated properly. When you placed the keyboard into the touchpad area, it probably wasn't seated correctly. The top of your keyboard is probably jammed in too far now. Try gently pressing down along the spacebar-side of the keyboard and you may feel it click into place.

    Maybe the best thing to do is to take it to an authorized repair outfit.

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    Thanks for the reply,
    I didn't install anything I just took the keyboard off to see how easy it would be to install memory. The keyboard came off very easy just like it said in the manual. I saw that in order to get at the memory slot the airport card has to come out. I didn't have time to mess with it further so I didn't touch the card. I slid the keyboard back in and that's when it noticed something wasn't quite right. The keyboard doesn't budge, in any direction. I don't want to put too much force. It's bad enough I lost a tab. Nothing I do moves the keyboard in any way. I'm not ready to give up yet though.
    The pictures are large (~1Mb) because I wanted some detail, I probably could have done a better job:

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    I had the same problem with mine..
    My spacebar was sticking up a bit on the right hand side, so I thought I'd take the keyboard out and try and push it down a bit..

    The keyboard came out easily enough, but when I tried to put it back in it didn't really fit back that well.. I ended up getting it in, but then I noticed it wasn't really flat, so I tried taking it out again and it wouldn't come out!

    I tried several times with no luck.. so I ended up pushing the keyboard down in the place it was sticking up, and that got it positioned properly, but I still can't lift it out.. I just gave up!

    If you manage to get it out, let me know what you did


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    Mm-hm, it sucks doesn't it? Well I have good news for you.. maybe. I got it out! What I did was pull the tabs back (in my case there was only one tab). Next, using two small screwdrivers in both hands, I pried the keyboard from the sides. Right under the "caps lock" key and the "return" key. The keyboard was jammed in there pretty good. But, on the upside the keyboard is built very well, I basically pulled, twisted, shimmied and yanked until it came out.

    I hope this helps,
    Good luck.

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    oh sweet.. I might give it a try.
    The reason I stopped trying to get it out the first time was because I was scared of breaking off the little lift tabs.. thankfully I did stop, because obviously they can break off!


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    The tabs come off yes.. and that is frustrating. But they fit back on without a terrible amount of difficulty.

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