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    Macbook battery Break in?
    Hey all,
    I just bought a new macbook 13" 2.4 to replace my powerbook G4 and the battery seems like it's a little short on life. I haven't had it off charge for on whole cycle yet though. Just wondering if there is some kind of break in period for the battery.
    Other than that I have it set up to an external monitor most of the time and us it as a desktop. I love this thing!

    Thanks for any help.

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    use it like you normally do, but at least once or twice a month burn the battery totally down til the computer shuts off and do a full charge with the computer off before you turn it back on. Keeps them nice and healthy. if your sitting at a desk or just going to run on AC power for a long extended period of time, remove the battery so it just doesnt have constant power pushing to it. (even though the computer is SUPPOSED to stop charging it, still better safe then sorry)

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    You shouldn't remove the battery from MB's as it limits the CPU of the laptop.

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