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    Ibook or Powerbook
    Hi All

    I currently have a 1.8 G5 Imac running 1Gb Ram and PhotoshopCS.

    I do a lot of photography out and about and would like to shoot tethered on location.

    I would also like to carry out editing on the move. I also use software called C1 Pro for RAW conversion. The files i produced after they are converted to 16Bit Tifs are genrally about 80Mb, few adjustment layers in photoshop bump them up to 200 - 300mb.

    What are peoples experiences with Photoshop on Ibook abnd Powerbook. I'm looking at making a purchase soon in the next three weeks. Can anyone help on this issue.

    What should I go for?

    Many Thanks


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    I had the same dilemma, take a look at my thread and personal conclusions

    Honestly I'd go for the PB if you're editing files that large, due to the faster HDD & processor.

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    Many thanks for your reply. looks as though it would be the Powerbook. I'm off to the Regent Street Apple store this week so i'll take a closer look. I've been a true Mac convert only just had my G% and i'm already looking for a Laptop. I must be mad.

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    nope you are not mad, i have the 12" iBook and now i'm looking at the 12" Powerbook, Me MAD!

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