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    Exclamation help. firewire ibook won't power on
    I gave a friend of mine an iBook (firewire) 366MHz G3 w/ 320 MB RAM, Airport, and OS 10.3.7 for christmas. Anyways, with my luck of course, with a couple of weeks it started to act up.

    I guess what happened was, that the screen went crazy and flashed some colors/lines, then it just died and wouldn't power on. at which point my friend left it alone with the battery out, watched a movie, came back and it still wouldn't turn on. Apparently it did power on later to operate for a while and to die in the same manner.

    I now have this ibook and i have to ask, what is wrong with it? I have an almost identical ibook and have tried to turn it on using my adaptor to no avail. tried resetting the PMU, which seemed to do nothing. I can push the power button and nothing happens. period. Though when i plug in the power adaptor, the ring around the plug will light up, otherwise it acts like it's not even plugged in.

    I haven't opened up the case yet, hoping there might be something i can do. is there a way i can check for voltage in the battery compartment? i mean plug in the charger and check the contacts. i didn't think that the logic board problems were an issue with the clamshells, and it sounds like a power supply problem to me, but why would the screen freak out like that?

    Any help would be great,


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    ok, its getting stranger now. i just noticed that the caps lock light will light up and turn off if you hit the caps lock key.

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    Is it maybe just the display that isn't working? Can you hook up an external monitor to check?

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    ok, now i am completely confused. For no particular reason i hit the PMU reset button again and hit the power button and it turned on, booted up and acted like nothing was wrong. so i left it on for a couple hours to see if it would act up, but it didn't. rebooted it, turned it off and on a few times, let the battery run down, recharged it, let it sleep, and it hasn't acted strangely on me yet.

    The only thing that i had done differently was that i just quick pushed the PMU button and only waited five seconds, the other times i had waited quite a while longer, does anybody know if the timing between reset and power on is critical? I mean, i'm soooo happy it started to work without taking anything apart, but i'd like to figure out what caused it so it doesn't die five minutes after i give it back. Any ideas ?

    And about the screen possibly being defective, i would rule that out as you can hear the hard drive start to spin when you turn it on, also the CD-ROM tray wouldn't pop out. so the main unit was down.

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