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    new ibook freeze with external h.disk
    yeahh..i got my new ibook. and it's just perfect! i ordered the same day and i got it..erm..the same day with the ram upgraded. It's so white that i wash my hands before using it. It's running pretty cool. Very silent and does not turn that hot even after hours of use.

    The only problems i encountered so far is the connection between my external hardisk and the ibook. when i connect my h.disk through the usb port, i can see my files on the ibook. BUt somehow, once i try to copy my files from the external h.disk, my ibook hangs. Does anyone knows what is the problem here?.. i try a few times and the same things happened.

    I heard from one of my friend that the usb power supply is not powerful enough to run the external hardisk? is that true?

    I also use a logitech mx510, and i can't configure the extra buttons with!

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    It is possible that the usb port is not providinjg enough power to the drive. If the drive has external power, try connecting it. Or go out and get a powered usb hub.
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    How is this External Drive formatted? Is it a PC drive formatted in NTFS? FAT32? Or is it formatted with a Mac format? There are problems sometimes with NTFS and any other OS besides Windows 2k and XP. Although OSX and most modern Linux distros should read and copy them off the drive ok, it's just you can't write to the NTFS drive.

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