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    New PB Trackpad Problem...
    Haven't got mine yet but. Any comments on the new powerbook recievers... I'm worried cause i like my trackpad FAST....

    "MacFixit is reporting ( that some users receiving the new PowerBooks are having problems with mouse movement using the new Trackpads. The complaint is that mouse movement is very slow, and even setting the mouse speed to fastest in System Preferences doesn't help. Can anyone in this forum confirm this issue?"


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    I went to the Apple Store in SoHo New York, and the trackpads seemed fine to me...They seemed exactly the same except with that neat new scrolling feature...

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    Mine is absolutely fine. I only had to move up the speed one notch in the prefs when I first got it and I'm as happy as a clam.

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    went to the store and tried them, all of them worked except for one 15" display model, it seemed to be doing what was said above

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    I've been to the store and used the newest powerbooks...they seem fine to me. Of course it's just general use.

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    I definately have found the apple trackpads slower than what I'm used to. I bumped the speed up to its max setting and still wasn't impressed. The trackpad seems to accelerate very quickly, but to also slow way down as you slow you finger. And I mean s l o w. About as fast as molasses in January. Haven't tried it with a mouse yet.

    anyone try this yet?

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