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    Unhappy Bad Keyboard Layout

    Whelp, where do we start...

    The other night I decided to do maintenance on the macbook.

    I did as follows:
    Cleaned and waxed the shell,
    Cleaned the Keyboard,
    Used Onyx to Repair Permissions, delete unnecessary files, etc.
    Used monolingual to remove the rest of the Languages I will no longer need for school.


    Please note, I made sure not to delete "English" inputs or languages in Mono.

    After restart of the mac, the keyboard board works, however...
    *My delete - now deletes from left to right.
    *My Right and Left Arrow keys appear not to work, but when I launch the keyboard visualizer It shows me tapping them.
    *My (question mark key) no longer works.

    seeing as the computer see's keyboard movement, I'm sure its software related,

    I've since done an archive install of OS X and tried updating the firmware...

    If anyone could direct me in another direction it would be greatly appreciated....

    or you could tell me my computer is fried so I can get the new Aluminum Pro I've been wanting.

    Thanks, in advance.

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    What did you clean the keyboard with? And did you by chance spill any of it (whatever it was) around the keys possibly seeping below the keys?

    Turn the machine upside down (off first) with the clam shell open and let it sit for several days. The problem might go away after drying out.


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    Jan 24, 2009
    Compressed air, and a "barely" Damp dry eraser....

    Thats why I blame monolingual. Other than that, Im clueless...

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    Jan 24, 2009

    After another day, keyboard is still working erratically...

    Backed up, and reinstalled OS X from a fresh install,

    Still nothing....

    Bad keyboard...?

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