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    Firewire Problem
    hey folks
    for some reason, my firewire port is not being recognised by the computer. i noticed this when my iPod Mini wasnt being recognised. i looked in system profiler and it said there was "no information found"

    i have a feeling it may be a problem in software as the firewire port was working only a few hours ago and nothing has happened since then to give me any reason to suspect a hardware failure.

    any suggestions are welcome. as a sidenote, i installed a program called PodManager to enable the transfer of music from my iPod to my computer using firewire. i doubt this is the cause, but someone may have info attaining to the reason.


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    mods can lock and delete this thread, the problem seems to have alleviated itself after a full shut down, restart, check and repair of permissions and an update to the iPod software.

    thanks for your time and bandwidth


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