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    George Ochoa
    I Need Some Help Please
    OK the problem is that i friend who is in the navy gave me his iBOOK as a present. He is on cruise now, and he has two users saved in that computer. I can turn on the computer and use it in like nothing but when I try to change the desktop background it tells me I dont have anough rights to do that basicly. When I try to log in as someone else I can see that there are 2 users. I dont know the passwords for those so I cant use my new iBOOK to the fullest. It asks me for a master password in orther to reset the passwod but of course I dont know it.

    I have read that you can send the iBOOK back to its factory settings just like it came out of the box by using the Recovery CD's but guess what my smart friend didnt give them to me. I dont know anything about Mac im more of a windows and PC guy.

    Here is the specifications of my iBOOK

    Version 10.3.6 MC OS X

    Proccesor 500 MHZ POWER PC G3

    Memory 128 MB

    That is all I know about the iBOOK sorry for my ignorance. If yo have anything that can help me like the recovery cds that im willing to pay for if u have them. here is my email PLEASE HELP ME !

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    hm... did you find it at an airport?

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    George Ochoa
    No man. It's legal

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    Unfortunately without the restore disks, you won't be able to reset it. You want to call Apple about maybe ordering some new ones.

    Also, in the future please don't crosspost your questions.
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