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    Question Planning to buy a Macbook but should I go for a Macbook Pro?
    Hi all.

    I was set to be getting the top line Macbook tomorrow. However I found out that my pay is coming next month instead so I won't be able to buy one tomorrow. Because of the little bit extra I will be getting with the extra month in place, I was wondering whether I should splash it out on going one better and getting the cheapest Macbook pro.

    I'm currently at college so I would be using Final Cut, Photoshop, Word and maybe have a play at the odd game. I'll probably install Vista onto the laptop via boot camp also.

    I have a few questions to ask to help make me make a final decision:

    1. How good are the graphics over just the Macbook and the ATI 2400 HD in the cheapest iMac?

    2. Is firewire a necessity considering I have a free port on my iMac at home?

    3. Does the extra 2 inches really make all the difference?

    4. Apart from graphics, firewire and screen size, are there any other differences between the top Macbook and the bottom Macbook Pro?

    Thanks in advance for any info.



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    I got the bottom end MBP (upgraded the RAM to 4Gb) because I do video and photo editing. The bigger screen is fantastic and the firewire is all for my Sony PDx-10 video camera. I'm not sure what the graphic difference is but the dedicated card in the MBP is brilliant. The integrated one is very good too.
    It's a fantastic machine and I would recommend it.

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    Here is a small sample of a benchmark of the two graphic cards that you want to compare. It's towards the bottom of the page.

    Always remember, google is your friend.

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    I had the same thoughts of saving up for the bottom line MBP when I was ready to buy my 2.4ghz Macbook. But I am glad that I bought the MacBook because it is lighter and I enjoy it only being a 13 inch when I am on the go because it is easy to carry around. Also with the 500 dollars I would have spent I got a 22" external monitor, Apple wirless keyboard, Logitech VX Revolution Mouse, 500Gb external Drive and some other misc. stuff.

    So if the Firewire and 15 inch are going to be used a lot go for it. But if you want something lighter and don't mind a 13 inch screen go for the Macbook and save yourself some money and buy some other cool stuff

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    Ok thanks for the comments

    Just wondering if anyone can give any hands on experiences of the graphics of the Macbook vs Macbook Pro, vs ATI 2400 HD iMac in terms of how they have games set up with regards to graphics. Have done a google search and read that Crysis will run at medium on the pro but I'll probably be running slightly older games such as the Sims 2 (Sims can still get laggy even on a PC from past experience at high quality)

    Thanks again all

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    if i had $$ or the pro, id definitely go for it.

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    To answer your title question..

    I highly recommend a Pro over the regular macbook.

    I have used both, and the Macbook is disgusting and horrible compared to the Pro.

    Macbook runs a lot slower
    It's mouse scroll pad is absolutely horrible and is very glitchy.
    Games? Don't even try it on a regular macbook.
    Large programs like Photoshop? I wouldn't go near it on a regular macbook.

    BUT...if you're not going to be gaming, or using big programs, and just surfing or using Word, then go with the macbook!

    Go Pro or Go Home!

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