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    Unhappy Macbook Fan Control 1.2 Problems - Pls Help!
    Hi all

    I recently starting using Fan Control 1.2 as My Mac (Black, 4,1, 2.4ghz, 2gb Memory, 250GB HDD) would start to overheat, (55 to 65 degrees for normal Internet Browsing after around an hour)

    So I installed Fan Control 1.2 after scouting the net, however then I noticed that my Fans would always run at a minimum of 3500 RPM.

    So I deleted the Fan Control 1.2 and installed SMC Fan Control, a far better program in my opinion (will explain why below)

    It is only after installing SMC Fan Control that I realised that fan control 1.2 had somehow messed around with my Fan Settings in the hardware and now the "minimum Fan RPM" is set to 3500, it wont get lower than that even when my Mac is at like 30 degrees when I just turn it on and leave Airport off so its just Idling

    So My question is: Is there a way that I can get my default fan settings back, Ive deleted all presence of the program, from the preference pane and Startup folder in the library and even killed the process in the Activity Monitor I find SMC Fan control better as it doesnt "Mess around" with the fan settings which are set by the Macbook, unlike Fan Control 1.2 which has permanently messed this up. Other ppl have said that I should try the SMC reset, I have to no avail. Even done the PRAM reset 3 times still same issue, fans constantly running at 3500 RPM and when temp goes to like 85 90 they take much longer to kick in, almost 2mins

    My Mac is due for a repair anyway as apart from the Fan and Overheat issue, the LCD needs to be replaced for a Purple Horizontal line going through it, the keyboard has the Infamous crack where the magnet rests, this has scratched the LCD bezel deeply as the magnet goes into the crack causing the LCD's bezel to move, this also needs to be replaced, On the left side where the screws are, the plastic is slightly loose and this has "bulged" causing it to crack at one of the scews which I think was caused by the immense heat this baby produces and finally lastly, the hinge is loose on the Macbook so even when I move it the hinge shakes causing the LCD to shake and close when I dont want it to.

    Also, do you think they'll repair it or just give me a New Black Macbook with the same specs?

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    Still under warranty - I would think with all those defects you described, Apple may replace the machine. I wouldn't worry about the fans at this point until you find out if they'll replace the machine or not.


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    Hmmm Ok mate, Ive booked an appointment for it at the genius bar

    Just to be certain that I have an Overheat problem, the fans are at 6200 RPM and the temp is at around touch an go of 45 degrees celsius, this is just by using safari, thats it, no chat, no other data intensive tasks, nothing, and its only been on for around 4 hrs!

    Is that normal, It'll spike up after about an hour to around 50!

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    how do you check cpu temp btw?

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    I use an Widget called Istat by Islayer, google it then download and your set

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