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Thread: MacBook 2006 Wont Turn On.

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    MacBook 2006 Wont Turn On.
    My friend gave me his old Macbook, and said that if I could fix it, he'd let me keep it....being a bit of an enthusiast...I had to say yes lol. Anyway, the problem is that, the Macbook actually does not turn on when you press the power I checked the battery and it still has 2 bars of life in it when I hold the button on the back down....puzzled, I opened the top casing to see to if anything was actually damaged. Everything looks OK....the only bit that looked slightly dodgy was this:

    And this was located just under this...

    So yeah, I don't know much about Mac's I'm more of a PC guy and have no idea what that object that appears to be slightly broken is...does anyone know? And is it at all fixable, and if so, what sorta of prices am I looking at to get it fixed? Any idea what that component is, and what it indicates would be cool.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    Also, the model number is A1181.

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    I can't tell either from the photo shot what exactly it is that appears cracked.

    Here's a web site that you can go to and scan through their step by step do it yourself fixes. Just identify your model from the choices they show and select a repair procedure that will illustrate the area you're concerned with. The site also has parts for sale.

    iFixit: iPod, iBook, & PowerBook Parts and Accessories

    Good luck with the repairs.


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    Oh thank you for that website. Very helpful indeed.
    Can any more experts give any advice or idea on what that component might be and weather or not that would lead to the MacBook actually not turning on at all? It's not completely severed in half but looks slightly ripped.
    Any more assistance with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    Update : Upon taking a closer look at that part, it would reveal it's actually the right speaker of the MacBook? Looks like one anyway, and it isnt actaully broke either, just was a bit dirty. So the Macbook wont turn on with the battery in, even tho the battery itself says its got 2 bars of energy...

    Maybe if I got a charger for it, it might actually run. If not, any idea what could actually be wrong with it, any common symptoms of anything?

    Also, can anyone confirm that, that component is a small speaker?

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    Have you tried POWERBOOK MEDIC.COM - Powerbook Parts, Powerbook Repair, iBook and Macbook Upgrades, They have many different manuals that may be useful. Have you tried to reset the pmu or the pram. try disconnecting the pram battery and main battery, then with just the ac adapter in push the powerbutton, if that works now you can plug in the pram battery.

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