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    Question clamshell mode getting funky..
    hi everyone!
    since this is my first post, allow me to giggle.
    Now, the problem...
    my macbook has always behaved before i started messing around with the screen settings for my sony sxrd60" tv. yes, it is big. yes, i am using the dvi-hdmi plug. for troubleshooting, i have already switched the hdmi ports on the tv to make it work( this includes hooking up the PS3 to see if i blew the hdmi port...), but it gives me a blank screen when i go into clamshell mode..
    1. i am using a bluetooth mac keyboard and a usb windows mouse.
    2. i replaced the hdmi cable.
    3. i snagged my g4 cubes cinema display and make sure the macbook dvi plug still worked. it does.
    what i discovered was, when the screen was flipped up, you can use both screens!!! After tinkering with that, and getting the resolutions correct on BOTH screens, the t.v. or laptop screen, i then "close" -clamshell- the macbook. the tv goes blank. the computer logo light turns off. i then can't wake up the computer after that. opening it up, smacking the keyboard, hucking the mouse, nothing...!!! i just had apple replace my hard drive( thanks apple) and there is a clean install of os x 10.4.11 on it...
    is there some prefs.pane file that is corrupt??
    .....what am i missing besides my marbles?!?!?

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    well, i tried a different mouse. it seems my keyboard has stopped working. i am charging the batteries.... i realize that clamshell will not work unless a mouse and keyboard are present!! haha the microsoft mouse sucks!!! i had to use the mac mouse to get it to work with the keyboard on the laptop.

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    Is it a Macbook or a macbook pro? As far as I aware only the pro will work with the top closed natively.

    However try getting hold of an app called InsomniaX enable this and it will never go to sleep until you disable it of course.

    Try doing the hookup now.

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    A white Macbook will work in clamshell mode out of the box. AT YOUR OWN RISK - As I don't know whether Apple have failed to document this as it caused oveheating in testing (FWIW, I have been running mine in clamshell mode all the time with no additional fan noise).

    First select mirrored displays (F7 IIRC) then; close the lid, wait until it's gone to sleep and press a few buttons on the remote OR unplug the mini dvi plug, close the lid, wait for it to go to sleep and reinsert the mini-dvi plug. Either should wake the machine up with only the secondary display active.

    However, I'm not sure a Macbook will support your TV's native resolution. I have started an, as yet, unanswered thread about this. you'd need to create a custom resolution using something like SRX, but how you establish what custom resolutions are supported, is something I have yet to establish.

    Let me know what happens when you plug the TV in this way.

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    closed screen no response
    I had the same problem when i connected and external display. I bought a wireless mighty mouse and changed the preference under keyboard and mouse that says "allow bluetooth devices to wake this computer" it then worked for me quite well, hope this helps..
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