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    help! PG4 not booting???
    My powerbook g4 isn't booting past the white apple screen, it seems theres alot of movement (hd clicking,etc.) but it does not go past this screen.
    Laptop jsut seems "buzy"??

    What do I dooooo???

    Thanks in advanced!!

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    try resetting the pram, hold command+option+P+R during startup until you hear 3 chimes, the trelease, alsotry booting holding shift to boot into safe boot mode.
    did you recently install any new hardware or software? or try booting from the software restore disc and repairing permissions that way. if none of this works, try doing an archive and install on the system.

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    my harddrive crapped out..

    Error Code:
    2stf18/8/3:ATA100 ATA-6-Master


    how does the warrenty work??

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