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    Keeps going to 'sleep' every 5-10 minutes by itself
    I somehow cannot find a similar case throughout the webs.
    Well, here's the case:
    I've bought the newest MacBook air for a week already. And from yesterday on, my Macbook Air suddenly likes to make itself into the "sleep' mode for every about 5 to 10 minutes or so continuously (sometimes maybe for more than once within a minute!), while I'm using it.

    I've already setted the sleeping setting into "never" for both the battery adapter and the power. I've updated all of the updates for the Mac...etc

    But somehow, it still goes to sleep by itself.

    Help! Is there anything that I can do?

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    You are the administrator in your account, correct? Is it truly going to sleep? Make sure you have no hotcorners set up for it to go to sleep or no third party apps that make it sleep when you do a certain keystroke.
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    The one for the computer and for the display?
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