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    Power Adapter Operation - cut & swap the plug
    Hi All,
    I was thinking about CUTTING the PLUG (that you insert into the laptop) off the 60W Magsafe Power Adapter, and replacing it with the PLUG thats compatible with iBooks !!! DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS LIFE OR DEATH OPERATION WILL BE A SUCCESS ??? Or should I FOGET ABOUT IT !!!!!!?????

    My reason for this DEADLY operation is because I asked a friend to buy me a new Power adapter for my iBook, and the TWAT went and bought the Magsafe adapter thats only compatible with MACBOOKS !!!!

    Let me know !!!
    !! YaZ !!

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    Don't do it. They are completely different outputs and you will likely damage your iBook permanently. Just return it and get the right one.

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