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Thread: How should I go about upgrading RAM in my Macbook?

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    Smile How should I go about upgrading RAM in my Macbook?
    Hi there

    I've currently got a 2GHz Macbook, which is a late 2006 model. I've looked about and the technical spec says it can handle a maximum of 2 x 1GB RAM.
    At this current moment, there is just a 2GB stick. Already I know it seems flawed, but OSX recognises it and seems to be running at 2GB RAM.

    Here's my dilemma....should I try pushing it to 2 x 2GB RAM or just revert to 2x1 GB? Will it recognise the 2 x 2GB? If not, will the 2 x 1GB noticably out perform just the single 2GB?


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    A late 2006 model officially supports 2GB of RAM, but technically supports up to 3.3GB. Since you can't really buy a 1.3GB stick and buying another 2GB stick would mean a waste of 700MB, I would suggest getting yourself a 1GB stick and maxing out the memory to 3GB.

    Are you absolutely certain that you have a single 2GB stick in your Mac? If the memory has never been touched on your machine then it's most likely that you have two 1GB sticks and not a single 2GB stick.

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    And to verify the memory in your Machine:

    Hit the Apple on the menu bar, then 'About This Mac'

    In the new window select 'More Info'

    Then on the left hand side under 'Hardware', highlight 'Memory'.
    This will show you what you have installed.

    My MBP, also from late '06, can also only use 3GB of memory. I have upgraded mine from 2GB by installing two 2GB sticks. Just cause I'm kinda geeky (and picked up Corsairs 4GB CAS 4 kit for $35). Must say, that while the machine definitely takes advantage of the additional memory available, I have not really noticed any difference in my computing experience due to this upgrade.

    The biggest bang for buck I have gotten was in upgrading to a 7200 RPM drive. Boot time was reduced by half, and all programs launch much faster.
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