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    MacBook Pro - boots up randomly, beeps loudly
    Hi all.

    Every now and then when I'm typing something, the "Do you really want you shut down your computer?" message comes up, and I think maybe I've pressed a combination of keys to make the message come up. So I press "Cancel," not wanting the computer to shut off, the message goes away. then about five seconds later, the computer dies and I have to start it up again. It doesn't shut down properly, it just completely blacks out. Then, upon start-up, it makes a very loud beeping tone.

    This has happened enough times that I think it's not a coincidence of key pressing but some sort of problem with the computer.

    Then, as of last night, it started booting up randomly. I shut it off before I went to bed and in a 3 hour time period, it booted itself randomly twice. It even does this if the cover is closed! When doing these random boot-ups, it also makes the rather loud beeping tone.

    Edit: my MacBook is the previous-generation MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.5...

    The computer is not noticeably slower nor do I have any other problems with it, but since I do love it I'm of course very worried! If anyone could tell me what the problem may be or quell my distress it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I bought my MacBook Pro last May and I'm running OS X 10.5.6. If your computer can boot up after you powered it off, you must have gone to STANDBY instead of a SHUTDOWN (as in power off). STANDBY leaves much of the OS active and can heat up your laptop especially if you have returned it to your laptop case.

    So, unless you intend to go into STANDBY mode instead of shutdown, check your system preference to make sure you shutdown, instead of going to standby mode. It's been a while since I adjusted that, so I cannot tell you where exactly to check in Preferences. Sorry!

    My wife is a PC user who occasionally uses my MacBook and I see that she is careless about whether she has one or two fingers on the touch-pad when she clicks, which has the same effect as CTL-Click (Right Click in PC lingo). That does cause strange things to happen, especially when the screen display cannot keep up with you finger movements.

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