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    Quick question about RAM!
    The PowerBook takes DDR ram... As far as I know, only apple formatted ram will work in an apple computer... Is this correct? Or can I buy cheaper PC ram and use it in my PowerBook?

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    Not strictly correct as Apple does not make memory modules. Manufacturers, including Crucial, Kingston, Samsung, OWC etc etc make Apple compatible memory.

    For instance OWC at Find the latest Performance Upgrades, Firewire and USB Hard Drives, SATA, Memory, Laptop Battery, and more at OWC advertises the following for PowerBook but we do not know which model you have:-

    Apple PowerBook G4 'aluminum' 12", 15", and 17" Memory Upgrades at

    That link is offering for sale OWC, Techworks and Samsung modules for G4 PowerBooks. The important thing is it must be Apple compatible and most PC modules are high density whereas Apple machines use low density.

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    I know that my PowerBook which I am getting takes DDR, not DDR2...

    I want to put a gig or two of ram in it, it is a 17 inch so it can take two cards of ram instead of the one card that the 12 inch has...

    Any site that I can get one or two gigs, Powerbook compatible, DDR for under $30..? I can try eBay...

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    Have not purchased from this vendor, but have used them for reference purposes. Choose your specific configuration to see the "recommended" RAM.

    Memory Upgrades, Portable Hard Drives, Flash Cards, & Flash Drives from EDGE Tech Corp

    (Was actually just on there looking for prices of RAM for MacBooks.)

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    I got 1gig of ram for $65 shipped on ebay, not sure if they are the same for the aluminum and titanium models though?

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    I put 4 gigs of Samsung in my new unibody MacBook. Works really well

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