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Thread: Should I replace my macbook pro? Offered replacement..

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    Should I replace my macbook pro? Offered replacement..
    I sent in a one week old macbook pro to repair the headphone jack which would not allow the computer to switch back to the internal speakers. Apple now sent me an email stating that they want to keep my laptop in order to further study the failure of it. They gave me the option to either let them repair my laptop and return it, or have them send me a new one with the same specifications.

    There is not a lot of information on the computer I would have trouble replacing. I would have to download all of the apps again. Do you think it'd be better to take my old MBP back or take the replacement? Maybe ask for extra incentive to let them keep mine?

    Also was wondering if you think I would be able to be eligible for a free upgrade to the new iLife 09 if a new order was placed for a replacement laptop.

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    I'd say get a new one (especially if it is an upgrade to a new LED one), but Apple should really be able to save your data, or let you save it...I would talk to them about that.
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    Well the one I sent in already was the newest 15" model. It was only a week or so old. Apple said I would not be able to back up any information on the computer or anything.

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    Getting the replacement will be faster, and since you said you could get back your data rather easily, I'd opt for that. Downloading apps to install is much faster your second time through since you already know what you're seeking.

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    I'd take the new one. Just think, get to unpack a 2nd brand new Mac in a 2 week period. Although I am surprised they want to study that particular issue at this point in time. It's been around for at least a couple of years. It only happens rarely, and in all cases I've heard of, a little tickling inside the port has turned off the optical out.

    Most all cases it has been an isolated incident. Happened to mine in the first month, used a toothpick to reset it and has never happened again, in 2 years. And that port is used quite often for optical out.
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    Get the new one. You will be putting into the apple community and maybe freeing someone of this issue in the future. Plus, what are the odds of getting another defected machine? In two weeks your audio was already messed up? Yes, get another one, you never know, that may have just been a lemon.

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