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    Does applecare cover battery life issues?
    Hi guys,

    I am really concerned about my battery life for my new macbook, as I know I have no choice but to constantly use the macbook without power, thus draining the battery for many cycles throughout my typical school week.

    My question is, does applecare cover battery life issues? i.e. if my battery began to go below normal functioning after 6 months of such usage, do they cover that?

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    Honest answer I dont know. Batteries are considered consumeables (so they aren't covered) however if you are having issue after only 6 months then something is a miss. try some of the steps in these articles from apple:

    Calibrating your battery for best performance
    Mac Reduces speed with the battery removed
    About the macbook battery
    Determining Cycle Count
    Apple Article on battery make up and what constitutes a "cycle"

    If none of that helps then give apple a call or head in to your nearest genius bar.

    Good Luck

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    hmm. I bought my macbook pro in July 2007, and the battery will last me under an hour. It has gotten progressively worse over time, and despite its cycle count it should be at least or above 80% capacity from what I've read. I've been meaning to take it to the apple store and see what they say. Any ideas on this?

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    After 2 years and about 280 cycles my MB battery wouldn't hold charge, took it to Apple Store, genius gave me new battery.

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    I recently went to the apple store to get a repair on the famous plastic chip offs. While i was there, i told the genius that my computer crashed on me one time. 2 minutes later he brings me out a brand new battery, opened the box and put it on. So yea, they do cover batteries.

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