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    New 17" MBP Battery Replacement--$179
    I apologize if this was already mentioned--there were a ton of posts to go through today...

    Macworld says $179 to replace the new MBP battery. And it can be done at any Apple store.

    Expo: 17-inch MacBook Pro’s battery replacement will cost $179 | MacUser | Macworld

    So just out of curiosity, I looked up the price of the current replaceable 17" MBP purchased new from Apple--$129

    Rechargeable Battery - 17-inch MacBook Pro - Apple Store (U.S.)

    So the new one is $50 more than the old one. If it really lasts eight hours, I guess I could justify that. I guess the idea is that if the new battery lasts as long as two of the old ones, then there isn't really a need to carry a spare around--and in reality, they would be correct.

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    sounds good to me.. i think if all goes and apple says that would justify the $50....
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    At my pace, I could expect to replace the battery every three to four years. I would love to have that battery system in my MBP 15".
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    The other thing to remember about the new 17" MBP is that the battery is not user-removable. The $179, I hope, also covers any labor required for the casecracking to do the replacement.

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