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Thread: PowerBook G4 - 17 inch - Upgrades!

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    Talking PowerBook G4 - 17 inch - Upgrades!
    I'm new to Apple products. I've had iPods since 2004, but a PC computer all my life.
    My aunt is sending me her PowerBook because she upgraded her Mac and no longer uses it. I know nothing about this computer yet since I have never seen it nor have received it yet, so I'm just assuming that it's the older model, maybe 1 GHz or 1.33 GHz with the minimal specs.
    I want to upgrade three things in this laptop, as well as buy some accessories for it.
    I want to upgrade the hard drive to at least a 160GB, ram to at least 1GB, and install leopard with iLife and ether iWork or office for mac. I was just told by an apple rep on the apple store site that the hard drive can not be upgraded, but of course I don't believe her.

    Help a vista user upgrade!

    I wanna know where the cheapest and best place is to get an apple power cord, new battery, hard drive, ram, and software is. I have looked around at newegg and dvwarehouse (or something like that) and didn't find anything all that great.
    Also, need to know how to install leopard, (I think I can do iLife and iWork or office myself), install ram and the hard drive.

    Thanks so much!

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    Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention, I have a budget of about $500, I'd like to do less then that though cause I also want to get an LCD monitor for an extended desktop...

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