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    Unhappy Does the iBook suffer from yellowing?
    Hi, maybe it's my eyes but I think my lovely 'white' iBook case might be slightly more beige than when I got it nearly 2 months ago. It's not made by a similar beige plastic to the ones on PCs right? By yellowing, I mean when you normally buy a PC with a beige case, and after a few years, it becomes yellowish (like my 10 year old SNES for example, lol). Wished I could take some pictures to show you the state of my iBook. I have been a very careful user with my iBook and it has nothing stuck between the keys or whatever, although I do have to occassionally wipe off some dust on my screen. So then, should I be worried? I'm not sure if this issue has been brought up before though.

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    the keys do get a little yellow, my moms iBookG3 has got many scratches
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    I've had my ibook for almost two years now and it's still the same colour as it was when I got it. Has your ibook been sunbathing ?

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    If you smoke, that will definitely do it.

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    Lol, then I guess it must be my eyes and worrying too much then. What kind of plastic is the iBook made from then? Not the same beige crap that PC cases are made of right?

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    Made from ultratough polycarbonate plastic — the same high-grade material used in bulletproof glass — the iBook’s sleek white case resists impact.

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