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    Startup disk full... but i got 204 gigs free...
    I don't know how common this is but i think i broke my hard drive

    I recently got my macbook aluminum. Its the 2.0 version but with upgraded ram to 4 gig and a 240GB hard drive, no idea if this is relevent but more info the better i guess.

    about a week ago i partitioned the hard drive via boot camp i did around 80 GB i think, and installed a business version of xp sp2, all went fine, but i found out i ran out of my 10 cd keys and online keygens wouldn't work either. So i went back into OS X 10.5 and deleted the partition. After this i bought another version online. And partitioned about 80 gigs again, partitioned using ntfs, and then during the windows installation screen it crashed. so i had to hard reset it and hold down the power button. Stupidly i tried this again after deleting the partition again. And then after that failed and i deleted the partition i tried a 32 GB partition this time using the FAT32 one. Once again froze on installation.

    So i finally gave up on that, 2 days later now, i was downloading some music when i got a message saying 'start up disk full, try deleting files or restarting.' and well yeah, i was confused so i checked my HD and it reads:

    Capacity: 232 GB
    Used: 28.03 GB
    Free: 204.5 GB

    I just want to know how come it says i have over 200 GB free, when i only have one disk, i used option on boot and i only get the one disk. And no other disks except remote disk shows up on the start up disks in preferences.

    Have i broken my mac?

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    Might want to try repairing permissions. Also check with Bootcamp and see if it is showing anything odd.

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    Check with disk management that you have deleted the partitions.

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