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Thread: Should I Get the New 17" MBP or Wait Until It's Updated?

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    Should I Get the New 17" MBP or Wait Until It's Updated?
    I am so dying to get the new 17" Aluminum Unibody MacBook Pro! I can't wait! But I heard that there have been some problems with them. What do you think? Should I get one now or should I wait? Will the bugs be worked out of the next version? Do you think they will lower the price when the next 17" MBP update comes out? What should I do???

    Hee!Hee! Just kidding! I'm perfectly happy with my WhiteBook. I just wanted to be the first one to post the inevitable! But seriously, we should have a poll--How long until the first serious 'Should I Buy It or Should I Wait' thread. An hour? A day? A week?

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    None, you just did it.

    And I thought you were serious until I read far enough. The entire time I was thinking..."Wow. Brand spanking new and its not enough, not good enough or something. What a...."

    LOL. Your right tho, eventually people will start posting these all over the place...

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