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    Exclamation iBook g4 Logic Board Failure
    had a quick scan of the forum looking for other people with similar problems, but to no avail.
    anyway, my ibook is just out of its 1 year warranty (it is one of the first g4 models serial#: UV345XXXXXX), and about a week ago i had to send it in for repair because the video repeatedly froze. the repairman confirmed that it was indeed logic board failure and it was going to cost 600 euro (nearly $800) to fix it. since it isnt covered by the extended warranty ( ) i will have to pay for this out of my own pocket (probably wont though, i'm a student).

    so, does anyone know if this is an isolated case, or is it becoming an epidemic like what happened to the g3's? if its possible i'd like apple to pay for the repair.

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    Exclamation The Same To Me !!!!
    Well, I just found someone that shares the same problem !!! My iBook G4 (wich I LIKE A LOT !!!) never let me down. I used to carrie it every place I visit. And now, few days after de warranty expires, my Logic Board is broken ! I canīt find more information on appleīs site. And, here in Brazil is going to cost about $600. I believe ... there is another epidemic coming ....

    Thx for listening this poor little fella that lost a friend (and almost lost 11000 pictures !!!)


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