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Thread: How Do I clean my new macbook- aluminum

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    How Do I clean my new macbook- aluminum
    I was just wondering how do you guys clean your macbook? Any information would help.

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    I use a LIGHLY damp micro fiber cloth and clean everything but the screen, then use screen cleaner on the screen

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    how do you clean the casing??

    there are some "dirty/dark" stuffs when you look carefully.. I wiped if off with a sort of a wet towel and it kinda did vanished. So how do you keep the casing clean? just used the cloth? Coz some dark spots (when looked in an angle) are still there T_T

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    a tiny amount of windex on a fine weave cloth works fine.
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    I believe you can pick up a cleaner kit at the apple store for about thirty dollars. I wonder if it includes wipes for the aluminum? Anyone know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rdm3000 View Post
    I was just wondering how do you guys clean your macbook? Any information would help.
    I just got done cleaning my almost-one-year old MBP and got really good results. I used a little bit of methanol (denatured alcohol) on a paper towel and rubbed the dark/dirty areas. It really does look like new. I tried to avoid the keys but where I got them with methanol there was no harm.

    Denatured alcohol can be bought at Home Depot for about $7 per qt. Should last several lifetimes.
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