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    Unhappy express card woes...

    just a moment of your time pls.

    perhaps another has solved this problem.

    i recently ordered and received this sataII express card.

    OWC ExpressCard/34 eSATA SATA I/II Add-O... (EXP34SATAIIP1) at OWC

    this card is advertised to work without drivers on my 17" macbook pro 2.33GHz Intel core 2 duo - plug and play.

    however, when i put the express card into my macbook pro it crashed... a gray screen came up and said (in three languages) that i had to restart the computer - hold down the start button for several seconds... this happened twice.

    i've never used the express card slot before and am not certain if i can just put the sataII card in without it being attached to a drive (the 1 tb drive is in transit to me)

    there is diddly squat tech info that came with the card. one would think that inserting the card would lead to some kind of acknowledgement that it is present in the apple os x.... but instead it crashed twice.

    i contacted OWC but they have so far been very unforthcoming tech wise... they will produce a RMA no. so i can return it but don't seem to care whether it works or not.. the tech merely repeated what the nomenclature said about the card and said it may be faulty and they would replace it.

    does anyone know about these sataII express cards?

    any help would be appreciated.


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    I would return the card and ask for a new one. If the same occurs with the new card, get a refund. According to what I read on their site regarding the card, it should be plug and play when inserted in your machine.

    However, before you ask for a RMA, make sure the card is seated properly in the slot and that the tiny contacts are not damaged in your machine. As a simple test, if you know someone with another MBP or even a PC that has an Express Slot, try the card there to see if it works OK.


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    will do

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