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    Advice re: boot drive (SSD, HHD RAID 0, etc)
    Hello, all and tia in advance to any who reply. I recognize that SSD is expensive, but I am willing, if necessary, to make the investment, now, for the sake of my sanity. I am looking for advice regarding the proper or best storage system in the following situation:

    1. MacBook Pro, Santa Rosa, late 2007, 2.6ghz; to be used:

    2. in a windows environment at work running VMWare and/or Parallels Fusion (I use both now);

    3. Backup nightly to 1TB Caviar Black and intend to run RAID 0 boot drive (2 x Scorpio Black 1TB partitioned), or, if it would be better, "enterprise" grade SLC SSD to avoid the random write issue I've read so much about(Intel X25-E or Memoright depending on whether there is any effective performance gain for my usage);

    4. My objective is to speed up the running of windows applications (and I would rather not use BootCamp). Typical daily usage includes accessing and saving documents and emails to office server, constant Kaspersky protection, using iTunes (from a library stored on an external drive connected via eSata; does that = "streaming"?).

    5. I find the constant delays in multi-tasking in such a simple things as Windows unbearable. B/c my profession requires the constant usage of Office programs (which seem inexplicably moribund), I'm willing to do anything to speed things up.

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    Clarification 2 x 320 Scorpio Blacks (640GB RAID 0)
    writing too fast and didn't pay enough attention. Anyone have any thoughts on the original question(s)?

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