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    cnet - G5 Powerbook not likely in 2005
    Came across this today..... hope someone else hasn't posted it yet....

    "Thus, to fit the G5 into a typical PowerBook-size chassis, Apple would have to throttle down the G5, causing the chip to run more slowly than current G4 mobile chips. The G4 also would likely still consume less power--or produce a bulkier laptop, probably with noisy cooling fans, said the Microprocessor Report's Krewell.

    Although the wait might be painful for customers who want the latest technology from Apple, the company is likely to hold out for a low-power G5, a chip that could come later this year. The lower-power chip would consume less watts and also produce less heat, allowing Apple to fit it inside the thin chassis that's typical of a PowerBook.


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    Hasn't been posted yet but this is what we have been saying since the G5 came out. I still say MWSF 2006
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    I posted it in the G5 notebook thread, but only after you did.
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