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Thread: Sick MacBook

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    Sick MacBook
    Hey everyone. I have a 2 year old MacBook 2 GHz Intel that is out of warranty. Two annoying things have popped on it within the past year:

    1) Cracked casing around trackpad and where my hands rest.

    2) CDs/DVDs will not eject from the slot drive. I can hear the mechanism try to eject the disc, and it gets to where it's about to come out but goes back in as if something is obstructing it. I've heard some theories that the casing bends over time due to being picked up from the sides.

    My main question is has anyone experienced these problems as well, and are they considered defect issues (aka if I'm out of warranty Apple will still fix it)?


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    I have no real answer but my guess is ....

    The cracks might be a manufactured defect
    The drive failing is normal wear and tear ....

    That would be my optimistic guess
    My first apple product is this White 2.4 Mac Book I bought on September 25, 2008!

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