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Thread: W and S Problem

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    W and S Problem
    First off, I'd like to say that I had to copy an s and w from the site in order to type this post because those two keys are particularly important for posting ideas and what have you.

    This computer is practically brand new. I got it for college, and it's still under warranty. I'm going to stop by the Mac Store tomorrow and have them look at it, but I'd like to see what all you guys have to say before I do that.

    Essentially, I had been doing a lot of work on the computer, and just all of a sudden, my s key gave out. Shortly after that, my W key followed, however, it seems that if I push hard enough, I can make my W key work. When I do press it, it make creates an S right after the W. Sometimes it places more than one S.

    How do I overcome this problem? This was an excruciatingly long and tedious post to write. Having that said, I would like to thank all that contribute in advance for their time and effort.



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    Try blowing out the keyboard with a can of compressed air, sounds like something might have got under the keyboard.

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    JGruber, I gave that a shot originally, when it first started happening, however, it never really did anything. I gave it a second go-around and it, again, didn't change a lick of the problem.

    Please, do you or anyone else have anything else I could try? Preferably something that won't kill my warranty? Also do you think that by going to the Apple Retail store to fix things they will have to keep the computer overnight or send it to Apple? I am leaving to go back to college Monday evening, so this problem arose at an entirely inconvenient time. I can't be refrained from going back because of this, and I can't really be separated from the computer for too long, ya know?

    Thanks again, guys.


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