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    Doesn't work ='(
    Hi people! Let's see if you can give me a hand with this, please.

    I've got a MacBook Pro. I was using it, then I turned it off, then it didn't turn on - completely - anymore. Sad issue =(

    I can hear the typical noise coming from the CD/DVD drive; I can feel the hard drive spinning and I've seen the coolers are running properly. Also, the status light remains on since I press the on / off button. And I don't know if this really adds, but the keyboard lights, such as capslock, cannot be turned on.

    I've read about "blank screens" dut to GPU-related problems, but my MBP simply does not boot, otherwise I should be able to hear the chime.

    I've thought about the RAM, but is it possible that both modules suddenly crash? I've tried changing slots and using only one RAM module at a time, but no luck...

    Well then, that's what's been keeping me down lately. I'd really appreacite any kind of information.

    Oh, and thanks in advanced!

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    Take it to a Mac store if it's still under warranty. If not, they should be able to tell you what's wrong with it.

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