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    Lightbulb How to clean your white Apple Notebook
    I have found a perfect way to clean your MacBook or iBook.
    If you click on the link below it will show the product that you need to clean it

    10 Magic Cleaning Sponges (Eraser) - 130 x 65 x 25mm on eBay, also, Cleaning Products Supplies, Cleaning, Laundry Vacuuming, Home Garden (end time 14-Jan-09 19:50:26 GMT)

    What you have to do is polish your computer with it it small circles for 10 mins+ and then wipe your computer with it for 10 mins+
    This makes your dirty old mac look brand new out of the box .

    (p.s I don't sell these!)

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    you can get no name versions of those in bargain bins at most grocery stores, & you don't have to pay shipping. Good tip though.

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    WOW They work great!!!
    Even worked on my leather settee.

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    These sound good do you know you know where I can get them in the high street?

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    And what do you do about getting under the keys on the keyboard??? I don't think they're pop-offable...

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