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    Connecting a Macbook to Normal Tv (not HD)
    Hi there. I'm new here and have been stumbling all over the internet trying to find some information on how to connect a macbook to a tv by av / scart.

    Someone mentioned that you could get a Mini-dvi - vga apple lead then connect that to a vga - scart lead all in one go. Is this possible? I've heard you may need to get a converter box but these sound expensive.


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    can you provide some more info?

    1. are we talking about an aluminum macbook or a previous model?

    2. what are all the inputs that your tv allows for besides scart?

    without knowing the answers to the above questions :

    The display out on either macbooks can pass an analog signal since they do sell adapters for non digital connections like RCA (yellow) connections which should mean that whether your TV accepts digital or not and whether the cable converts or not should not be an issue.

    you would need something like this regardless of the macbook you have.

    then depending on the macbook you have you would need :

    aluminum macbook this

    previous macbook this

    looks like $65 to $75 US would get you going.

    hope that helped

    good luck
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    One other thing regarding price, Apple charge alot for the mini dvi/ mini display port adaptors, but you can pick them up really cheaply off eBay


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