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    Problem with screen.
    Hi to all,
    i own a macbook pro bought almost two years ago and today i noticed a problem with the screen. After i start it up everything is ok for 15-20 minutes and then it slowly starts to have this problem: some horizontal and vertical colored lines appear firstly around the names of the folders and then on the rest of the screen starting frοm the lower left corner and spreading. If i turn it off for a while (not restart) the problem is corrected but as i said after 15 minutes it comes back. Does anyone know what causes this problem? I really need some help because i am from Greece and the service here is not easy to be done not to mention that it is not done by apple herself but from a delegation. Ι would really appreciate it if you could help me out1

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    Sounds like a problem with the video card. From what you've said, it sounds like the the video card is overheating. I would suggest getting some way of providing additional cooling to the laptop (fan or something) and see if that helps the problem at all.

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