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Thread: No USB/Sound

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    No USB/Sound
    My dc in/sound card shorted so I replaced (myself) and now the sound and USB on the left side of my 15" powerbook don't work. I replaced the dc in card again but still no sound. I have reset the vram and the open something or other to no avail. Any ideas what might be wrong? I was thinking it might be a problem with the cable that connects the dc in/sound board to the logic board?

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    The shorted DC in/sound card may have cause damage or component failure on the logic board. No real way to test it except to swap out the logic board. A new logic board for your Powerbook is not only going to cost $$$ but it's also difficult to replace.

    Make sure you check all connections in and around where you replaced the DC in/sound card. It's possible something is loose or not making contact. Look closely at the small molex type connectors as they sometimes can lift up and lose contact with the board.


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    I was able to run the computer with a recharged battery when the old DC in board was shorted and the sound worked fine. It wasn't until I put a new one in that I lost sound/USB. That's why I suspect it may be a cable issue.

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