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    New Internal Hard Drive File Transfer
    Planning on getting a new Internal Hard Drive for my new aluminum macbook.

    I was wondering if I could transfer all the Data from my old Internal hard drive, to a new one using an external hard drive enclosure, and then boot from it without having to buy some sort of drive adapter such as this:

    Newer Technology USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter
    Newer Technology Universal Drive Adapter -... (U2NV2SPATA) at OWC


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    that drive adaptor would be an option, otherwise you will need a sata / USB 2 enclosure

    OWC Mercury On-The-Go 2.5" Portable USB 2.0 E... (MOTGSU2 ) at OWC

    Anyway, you could clone your old drive to the new one using SuperDuper and it will be bootable
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    Awesome, then I can keep my old drive with the enclosure.

    Also, I was planning on getting this:

    320GB 2.5" Seagate Momentus 7200.3 7200RPM **SATA** Notebook drive with 16MB Cache

    Would it be more beneficial to just get a 500GB/1 TB External Hard Drive with enclosures such as these:

    1.0TB Western Digital Caviar Green "GreenPower" SATA-II HDD 32MB Cache


    1.0TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA II 7200RPM 32MB W/ Perpendicular Drive Technology


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