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    Is the Macbook Pro good for a college student?
    Are they worth the money for the daily uses for a college student?

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    I mean I don't think I would need the extra capabilities. What do you guys think?

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    Well I have a MacBook Pro Alu and I use it for taking notes at my Uni lectures but I also use it for video editing, photoshop. If all you are going to be doing is taking ntoes and you don't need the added functionality of a firewire port then I suggest you save some £/$ and look at a MacBook.

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    I agree with True Bassist. It largely depends on how it will be used.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    I will be attending Iowa State University in the fall of '09 for Mechanical Engineering. 4 years to get my degree and hopefully I'll be using a MacBook Pro for the entirety of this time.

    It'll be excellent for taking notes, albeit as soon as I learn to type correctly :angry:, and should be well suited to run at least one CAD platform that I will need. It'll be great setting up on my desk in the dorm, having a quick hookup to some speakers if needed, and plenty of wireless internet to burn. Productivity can only be better with a 15 incher versus a 13 on the Macbook. Rendering in my CAD work will be better with the graphics card and extra horsepower.

    Much more future-proof as everyone here calls it. The notebook will be pulling hard and strong much longer than the $300 dell my dad wants to buy at Wal-Mart LOL. All in all the MBP is the perfect choice for me, and I'm willing to shell out the $$$ for it. I'll be buying sometime closer to the summer. Not before May however, as I'll be buying MBP and iPhone together (when this contract ends with long-lines).

    It comes down to needs and money. Make a list of everything you'll want to do with a laptop in college, and that will tell you what to buy. Then, sort out your finances to see what you can afford. Some can only afford the base model MB. That is perfectly fine! Its a lot of money! And as long as that delivers what you need it to, hey, all the better. You're saving 100's more than me.

    My notebook will come to me in the form of a MBP 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 320GB HD @ 7,200 RPM, iWork and iLife, Photoshop Elements, and Applecare. I need the best that money can buy...hehe...although its not without its price..

    That's a lot of pizza and beer, or rather, soda!

    Cheers, HTH

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    Daily college work is kind of dependent on your major. IE if you are an Art major in the Graphic Design program or something then yeah a MBP will serve you well.

    If all you do is surf the web and write papers then the MB is more than enough, MBP is overkill for just writing papers. Buy what you can afford.

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