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    Angry Mbp Crashing All The Time
    Hi my mac book pro crashes all the time. i need it for live music shows and it crashes mid set on me! I dont even need to be even doing anything on it and either the screen freezes up on me or the 'you need to restart' box comes up. I thought i needed to re install the apple OS drivers but I lost the start up DVD so i bought Leopord and thought i may aswell upgrade from Tiger. i installed it first so it didnt wipe any of my files it just updated the OS. this didnt work, so i completly wiped everything and did a full OS install and this STILL hasnt solved in. anyone know what else it could be???

    My battery is pretty much screwed though as i left it on charge too much, could this be doing it? baring in mind it always has to be plugged in on charge as it only lasts 10 miniutes unplugged!


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    I suggest booting the machine with the new Leopard DVD and running verify on the hard drive. As far as the battery is concerned, you probably need to think about purchasing a new one. There are third party replacement batteries available which will give you better service than the original Apple one.

    The "freezing" and crashing could also be graphic related, however, it's best to find out if it's the hard drive since that could mean data loss. Is your MBP still under warranty?


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    yeah my mb is still under apple care, however, this is going to sound bad, i dropped the machine over a year ago and theres abit of visable damage to the outer casing so they wont touch it if it gets sent in. I really dont think this is the cause for it crashing tho as it was dropped quite a while before it started doing it. I will try the boot verify thing when im reunited with my disk, thanks.

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