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Thread: Overheated?

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    today as usual I put my Macbook to sleep and put in my brief case. I got home and my briefcase felt warm, My Macbook was super hot and I could hear the fan going full blast.

    Any ideas as to what happen?

    here is the "idle" temp of my Macbook, under heavy load it has gone up to 174 degrees

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    Your MacBook probably woke up while in the brief case. Not a good idea to put the machine to sleep and carry it around in an enclosed area like a brief case or back pack. Very easy for the machine to wake up and overheat. Also, the hard drive will spin up when the machine wakes. That could cause damage to the HD.

    Shut the machine down before placing it in your brief case. It doesn't take but a minute to boot it up.


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    Although I don't disagree with chscag, I'm not quite as concerned about the machine waking unexpectedly.

    In sleep mode, the Mac can wake in a couple of different ways, in my experience it usually happens when there's a Bluetooth device in its proximity (like a mouse or keyboard). You can disable Bluetooth devices from waking the machine in System Preferences. Also, if the lid is jarred open, that can cause a wake state, but is not as likely if it's a decent bag. The only other way I can think it would happen is if an external monitor is connected, but that just wouldn't happen in a notebook bag

    Early on, I had this happen to me as I usually leave the machine asleep in my bag rather than do a cold boot. But once I disabled Bluetooth wake, it's been fine ever since.
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