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    Hard Disk Question
    K so i have a 60gb hard drive in my macbook.
    Now it seems i am missing a bunch of free space. If i look at how much stuff i have on my macbook and compare it to how big my hard drive is, the numbers don't quite match up.

    capacity - 55.57gb
    available - 4.89gb
    used - 50.68gb

    now when i add up how much stuff i have i get this...

    documents - 93.5mb
    music - 15.38gb
    pictures - 892.1mb
    movies - 80kb
    applications - 8.94gb

    my home folder says it has - 17.3gb

    now add that up and it definitely does not add up to 50.68gb.

    can anybody help me figure what is up here and why i have so much space missing?

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    Unless I miss my guess - it's slack space from the OS allocating space for use.

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    To the OP:

    Download this free application to see what's using what on the HD.

    Be sure to download the Mac version not the one for Windows. You may have lots of hidden files or folders that are using the space. This app will show it all.


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    Did you empty your trash? If not, it will still be taking up all the room that is equal to the file sizes.

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    Things like garage band and iDVD and iMovie keep all the loops and other plug ins somewhere in the library folder, I think iDVD as an application plus the plug ins actually take up to 2 gigs, stuff like that really makes it add up.

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