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    stuck mini disk in macbook pro
    hi, my niece stuck a mini disk into my macbook pro.

    now it is stuck.

    how can i get it out? i am in some small town on vacation, there is no apple store within 5 hours.

    any ideas?

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    I assume you've tried to eject it in the normal way with no luck? Other folks who have run into the same difficulty have gotten the mini disk out using various methods:

    1. Try keeping the slot open with a piece of masking tape or light cellophane tape. Turn the MBP on its side and jiggle it until the mini disk is fairly loose from the holder grip. Use a long tweezer or small needle nose pliers to grab hold of the disk and pull it out. Be very careful not to damage the mechanism or especially the optical sensor.

    2. Again keep the slot open and jiggle the machine to loosen the disk. Place a small amount of double sided tape on a thin plastic ruler. Reach in with the ruler and grab hold (with the tape) of the disk making sure it sticks to the tape... and gently lift it up and out with caution as above.

    Of course make sure the machine is powered down when you attempt the above. I would also recommend removing the battery just in case.

    If no joy, you'll have to wait until you can get the machine to a qualified service tech who will be able to remove the drive and eventually the disk. That will probably be a bit expensive.


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    I would try using either a business card or 3x5 card to slip under the disk and hopefully ease it out.
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    While turned sideway, a pair of needle nose pliers helps!

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    Smile My niece did this same thing. Thanks, advice worked.
    Quote Originally Posted by C_Andrews View Post
    hi, my niece stuck a mini disk into my macbook pro.

    now it is stuck.

    how can i get it out? i am in some small town on vacation, there is no apple store within 5 hours.

    any ideas?
    Putting double stick tape on plastic card did the trick. Once you place tape on card inserted into slot and pulled out with disk attached. Thanks!

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    Back at the fruit stand, we would take the computer (out of sight of the user) and firmly shake it so that gravity would cause the disk to stick out just a bit. Usually only required a few shakes (yes I know, if you shake it more than a few times, you're just playing with it!).

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